Chai Tees, LLC

My name is Nancy Meister. I am a graduate of Duke University undergrad, and University of Miami Law School. Almost three years ago, I started a business catering to schools, camps and businesses alike. Additionally, I have become very popular among the Bar/Bat Mitzvah - Party crowd.

My company, Chai Tees, LLC, handles several high schools of well over 2500 kids, many K–8’s of over 1800 kids, and a couple of elementary schools of over 400 kids through out Dade County, Florida. Additionally, at most of these schools, Chai Tees also handles all or a portion of their physical education, club, sports, administration and employee uniforms as well. I am an approved Minority Vendor, provide excellent service, have great prices, and am extremely reliable.

I am accustomed to dealing and delivering in high quantities, as well as servicing customers at my store. I am very reliable and my prices are excellent. I can be reached at (786) 520-3624 or (305) 970-0642 or