Introduction/ Reopening

Please allow me to introduce Chai Tees; we are a South Florida, Minority owned and operated, and small business approved vendor with Dade schools.  We work with numerous schools in Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach.  


While Chai Tees would normally be in the midst of the summer uniform rush, we have had to pivot and create quality solutions to help you, our customers,  prepare for the next stages of schools reopening.  We believe it begins outside of your school, welcoming your students back, reassuring your parents, making sure everyone knows that you have taken necessary precautions to make sure your faculty and students are safe.  


Whether you need 2 banners to show school spirit, floor stencils or 1,000 3M reposition-able decals, let Chai Tees help you prepare to have a safe space when your staff and students return.  Attached you will see examples of some of the products that can be personalized with your school logo, colors, mascot, etc.   Pricing varies on the item(s) you need as well as the quantity but we are  happy to work closely with you so you have one less thing to worry about.  


Here are some of the amazing things we have available for you.  We are making amazing 2 ply washable masks, gaiters and face shields for your teachers and office staff too. Follow us on social media  or our website to see additional items that we make.


Call or email us anytime and we can begin planning your strategy for the next stages of reopening our schools!   We are working and happy to help!