2022 Fashion Trends

Feb 23rd 2022

Zoom to Boardroom:

Working from home was new to many. It was fun. It was comfortable. Our pajamas became our best friends. We could lounge on the couch in backbreaking positions, and nobody knew. If an unscheduled Zoom meeting popped up, we could quickly throw on an old work shirt and fix our hair to make ourselves look presentable while still wearing sweatpants and fuzzy slippers out of anyone’s view. As soon as that meeting was over, that shirt was gone. Nobody was going to tell us how to dress within the comfort of our own home.

But some of us couldn’t stay at home forever, and for those of us who did return to work, we needed to find a work-life balance in terms of clothing. We were spoiled for two years and weren’t going to let that comfort disappear. We proved that we could work just as efficiently, if not more so, in sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt as we did when we worked head-to-toe in our stiff business professional attire. We worked through a pandemic and deserved to work in fashionable comfort. There was always the elusive business casual, but for most, that was either a pipe dream or reserved for Friday’s. Not any longer.

While pajamas are probably out of the question, you don’t have to say goodbye entirely to comfort just because you’re going back to the office. Think about adding some of these pieces to your wardrobe for a comfortable yet fashionable look.

For tops:

-A V-neck shirt

-Puff-sleeve balloon sweaters


-Tunic sweaters

-Camisoles and tank tops

For bottoms:

-Trousers or wide-leg pants


-Statement dresses


-Tank-maxi dresses

-For those lazy days, a pair of pocketed leggings. Leggings can’t be casual if there’re pockets in them, right?

Don’t forget. You can always dress up a pair of jeans with any blazer or jacket. Getting ready for work in the morning doesn’t have to be a drag anymore. We’ve entered the Zoom to Boardroom Era of dressing to impress…ourselves. Goodbye, twenty suits in every black, blue, and grey shade. Goodbye to the designated “work clothes” section of the closet. Goodbye, strict dress code; we’re not in grade school anymore.

Nostalgia at its finest:

Calling all Millennials! Calling all Millennials! Break out those old embroidered bucket hats, oversized sweatshirts, and bomber jackets you stashed away somewhere to reminisce the “good old days” with because the good old days are here! Neon, tie-dye, and monochromatic outfits of the ’90s and early-2000s come on out.

Walk through the mall, and it’ll feel like you were transported back in time. Britney Spears’ name on every radio station and people in colorblock windbreakers and pin-covered fanny packs around their waist will have you confused as to what year it is. Who knew butterfly clips and bright colored crop tops would have ever made a return? Millennials sure didn’t.

After being confined to our homes for the last year or two, we’re wearing all of our clothes. Remember that episode of FRIENDS where Joey wore all of Chandler’s clothes? That’s us. We’re wearing everything we own. It’s time to be bright, loud, and bold with our clothing after wearing the same rotation of loungewear two years straight, and what better way to do that than to be nostalgic and revert to a time that brought comfort to many.

And although Gen Z has decided to rename a few of our favorite childhood staples – looking at you “flared leggings” – we know our beloved yoga pants will always remain as comfortable as they always have been. So go ahead and get a couple of new pairs, layer your long sleeve under an oversized graphic tee, slip on your platform boots, and put your hair up with a claw clip because Millennials get a chance to relive their childhoods thanks to Gen Z bringing it all back.

Sustainable Promotional Products:

One of the hottest trends for 2022 shouldn’t be considered a trend. Sustainability and choosing environmentally safe products should be a no-brainer to keep our planet clean, and switching to more natural and sustainable products is easier than you’d think.

Straws and water bottles are the two items that come to mind when people think about environmental-friendly products and are the easiest to switch to. Opting for metal or silicone straws and a reusable water tumbler over their plastic counterparts is a great start in becoming environmentally conscious. The best part about water tumblers is that they’re easily customizable to mimic and express your style.

With people returning to work, the luxury of eating at home using our plates and utensils for every meal is out the window. Bamboo Bento-style lunchboxes have been plastered all over social media platforms lately. One of the best materials to utilize, bamboo is seen as a topic choice for sustainability – it’s fast-growing, requires minimal care, and regenerates on its own. With names, pictures, or logos able to be imprinted on the bamboo top, it’s easy to feel like a child again when you pull this out of your lunchbox. Don’t forget to pack your reusable cutlery to match!

A hot ticket item out on the market is canvas tote bags. Initially created to eliminate plastic grocery bags, Gen Z is starting to use them as a purse to reduce fast fashion. Screen-printed tote bags are in everyone’s digital shopping cart!

Getting crafty in some way was a stress-releaser during quarantine. Whether baking, gardening, or an artistic hobby, we picked up something to pass the time. Being environmentally aware of their carbon footprint with all the paper used, artists and writers are switching to recycled paper sketchbooks, journals, and notebooks. These notebooks can also come bound in cork, bamboo, or a recycled paper cover.

Eco-friendly is more than a trend. It’s becoming a way of life, and everyone can easily make simple steps to help preserve the planet we have.