We Love Earth Day

Mar 22nd 2022

From natural wonders of the world to the Seven Wonders of the World, Earth is as beautiful as they come. That being said, Earth Day is on April 22nd and is right around the corner! Luckily, Chai Tees has something for every type of planet lover! The Earth Day organization declared this year’s theme as “Invest in our Planet,” and a great way to invest in our planet is by raising awareness and switching to sustainable products.

The Outdoorsy Types will love:

Do you get a group of people together every year and accomplish a nature walk as your way of celebrating Earth Day? Relieve your pockets from your wallet and keys and throw your personal belongings in a screen-printed drawstring backpack! As you’re killing that 14er with your group, drink out of your reusable water bottles plastered in Earth Day vinyl stickers that you all decorated yourselves. You’ll not only feel refreshed after finishing that hike, but you’ll do it in sustainable style!

Teachers will love:

You don’t have to be an adult to show you care about our Earth. Teachers, we’ve got your personalized Earth Day gear! Are you painting a class mural? Get a class set of personalized paint aprons and paintbrushes! Are your students writing a list of personal goals for helping make our planet a better place? How about some personalized Earth Day recyclable notebooks, pens, and pencils. Let us help your students get excited about Earth Day! The earlier we teach our children to take care of our world, the better!

The Company will love:

Hosting an Earth Day event at your business? Show your attendees your appreciation with embroidered reusable tote bags filled with Earth Day promotional products. Keychains, pens, and lanyards are always a fan favorite. If your company attracts more tech-savvy clientele, gift them flash drives! Does your company do more hands-on activities, or do you want to do your part in helping everyone’s hands stay clean? Throw in some personalized mini hand sanitizers! Want them to walk away with sustainably usable items they really will remember? Gift them portable utensil kits, metal or bamboo straws, or drink koozies. They’ll walk away from your event, amazed at the thoughtfully useful items.

The Do-er will love:

There’s no greater feeling than actually going out and physically doing something to better our planet. Deck a group out in customized Earth Day shirts and hats and pick up trash at your local beach or park. If picking up trash isn’t something you’re able to do, you and your team can plant trees or a garden in your group attire. Onlookers will see your apparel and applaud you for your meaningful teamwork!